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the wonder rasa : adbhuta rasa

The grandest crime of science is to limit
truth to its own limited understanding.

"The Story-Telling Saint"
by Pieter Weltevrede

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From the dawn of civilization, human beings have tried to understand everything and are still trying. The feeling of Wonder comes when one recognizes one's own ignorance.

When we understand that there are things that we do not understand, it makes life beautiful and exciting, full of wonders to explore, full of opportunity for new understanding and personal growth. Wonder comes at the beginning of the spiritual journey, the journey to find real truth and solve the mystery of life.

Modern science is said to understand virtually everything and what it cannot explain is simply said to be nonexistent by definition. It continues to promote this attitude in spite of the fact that it is continuously researching and understanding new things.

Real saints that can do real magic sometimes appear to show humankind that what one registers through sense perception is not truth; they attempt to break the inflated ego of modern humans and science. The truth is that nothing and everything is magical, depending on one's understanding. And real saints have real understanding.

Mastering Wonder

Wonder is not a Rasa that one can create by will, even though it can be willfully denied. The key to Wonder is to remain open-minded toward the miracle of life, which can be experienced in everything.

Unfortunately, tricky people exist as well as true miracles, so one has to judge carefully. A budding flower is a miracle, whether the flower is taking its time naturally or whether it happens more rapidly in the hands of a saint. Seeking out the less obvious miracles is a favorite past time for many, but there is no real need to fly to the Moon since we are already in space.

Wonder Sadhana : see Rasa Sadhana .

Adbhuta Rasa Chart

Basic Rasa : Wonder

Sub-Rasas : Curiosity, Astonishment

Dominant Element : Fire

Dominant Dosha : Pitta

Dominant Guna : Rajas

Dominant Kosha : Mind (Manomayi Kosha)

Friendly Rasas : Fear, Sadness

Enemy Rasas : Anger

Neutral Rasas : Peace, Courage, Love, Joy, Disgust

Rasa Produced : Joy

Key for Mastering : Humbly accept the mystery of normality

Siddhi : Laghima (lightness)

Deity : Brahma

The above texts were extracted from the book "The Yoga of the Nine Emotions", which fully explains these subjects.



LOVE - Shringara
beauty - devotion
JOY - Hasya
humor - sarcasm
WONDER - Adbhuta
mystery - curiosity
confidence - pride
PEACE - Shanta
relaxation - calmness
SADNESS - Karuna
compassion - pity
ANGER - Raudra
irritation - violence
FEAR - Bhayanaka
anxiety - worry
DISGUST -Vibhatsa
depression - self pity

Gratis yogalessen

The Yoga of Nine Emotions, by Peter Marchand, based on the teachings of Harish Johari
Read more in the book :
"The Yoga of the Nine Emotions"



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