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Learn to achieve control over your emotional patterns, through the ancient Tantric art of Rasa Sadhana.
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(in Dutch - in het nederlands)
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24 - 29 August 2008
at the 36th International Yoga Congres of Zinal-Switserland
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The workshops will be held for two days in Dutch, one in French and one in English
The Zinal congres is the annual congres of the European Yoga Union

Why so few classes ?

I so love teaching. But I really dislike the idea of making it into a job on which I would come to depend financially. I truly do not mind other people doing that. But for myself, it just seems out of the question. Honestly, it is a very tough job to make spiritual teaching affordable for the students and at the same time financially healthy for the teacher. And it can affect the teacher/student relationships, as well as the teaching. In India, free spiritual teaching is still quite common.

So, for the moment, I really prefer to teach upon occasion and so that is what I am doing. Every week I give one free evening class in Belgium (in Dutch - more details here). Sometimes I also teach while traveling - whenever possible, I will announce it on this page. If you are interested to attend some of these classes or even to organise them, please let me know by using the Contact page. When the opportunity arises, I will then let you know.

Meanwhile I also enjoy teaching through my writing and also the teaching through online video clips. That last bit is just a new opportunity offered by large websites such as Youtube, which make it possible to show video clips without any cost to literally thousands of people worldwide. Even though a clip doesn't come close to the real teaching in person, it has the advantage of reaching higher numbers and of requiring no financial effort on neither side.

Peter Marchand



LOVE - Shringara
beauty - devotion
JOY - Hasya
humor - sarcasm
WONDER - Adbhuta
mystery - curiosity
confidence - pride
PEACE - Shanta
relaxation - calmness
SADNESS - Karuna
compassion - pity
ANGER - Raudra
irritation - violence
FEAR - Bhayanaka
anxiety - worry
DISGUST -Vibhatsa
depression - self pity

Gratis yogalessen

The Yoga of Nine Emotions, by Peter Marchand, based on the teachings of Harish Johari
Read more in the book :
"The Yoga of the Nine Emotions"



Emotion in art - Hinduism, Yoga and Religion - Body and Mind - Neurotransmitters - Rasa Sadhana - Moodfoods & Emotional Health - Bhakti Yoga - True Compassion - Dissolving a Bad Mood.
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