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the disgust rasa - vibhatsya rasa

No Rasa is more demonic
and useless than Disgust.

"Krishna Fights Trinavrata"
by Pieter Weltevrede

Vibhatsa is a feeling of Disgust or dissatisfaction with oneself and others. Vulgar, uncivilized, and perverted actions, using bad words and manners, and showing bad intentions to others are all manifestations of the Vibhatsa Rasa.

Though the problem of self-pity is basically mental and supported by bad body chemistry, the ego has the power to control it or to surrender to this feeling of Disgust. The ego may lose the power to control Vibhatsa if it has been deeply hurt by seeing bad intentions behind the words and deeds of others, making the person feel cheated.

With the mind freely wielding negative thoughts and illusions of sense- and self-gratification, Vibhatsa leads to the neglect of responsibilities, often with regard to one's health and loved ones. Strength and will are destroyed - the ego becomes the king that has forsaken his country. This neglect in Disgust creates deteriorating, highly tamasic, body chemistry, and new failures in daily life, only further securing the chains of the trap. Disgust also creates bad karma.

The Disgust Rasa also lies at the basis of depression.

Mastering Disgust

Self-pity is mostly avoided by frequently paying attention to Shringara. Good company may certainly help from the moment that Vibhatsa is sufficiently controlled to allow oneself to enjoy the company of others and to become enjoyable company oneself.

Paying attention to one's health avoids bad body chemistry. Using sufficiently hot spices helps digestion and avoids the overpowering by tamas, a major cause of Disgust.

The best reaction to feelings of Disgust is to ignore them, recognizing that they lead nowhere but downward. The main task in mastering Disgust is to simply stop negative identification. When longer periods of Vibhatsa persist, confidence and will must be strengthened by strict disciplines.

Vibhatsa Rasa Chart

Basic Rasa : Disgust

Sub-Rasas : Depression, Dissatisfaction, Vulgarity

Dominant Element : Water

Dominant Dosha : Kapha

Dominant Guna : Tamas

Dominant Kosha : Mind (Manomayi Kosha)

Friendly Rasas : Wonder, Anger, Courage

Enemy Rasas : Love

Neutral Rasas : Joy, Sadness, Fear, Peace

Rasa Produced : Fear

Key for Mastering : Ignore it and stop negative identification, while turning to purification

Siddhi : Prakam (power to assume any form)

Deity : Mahakala

The above texts on Disgust were extracted from the book "The Yoga of the Nine Emotions", which fully explains these subjects.



LOVE - Shringara
beauty - devotion
JOY - Hasya
humor - sarcasm
WONDER - Adbhuta
mystery - curiosity
confidence - pride
PEACE - Shanta
relaxation - calmness
SADNESS - Karuna
compassion - pity
ANGER - Raudra
irritation - violence
FEAR - Bhayanaka
anxiety - worry
DISGUST -Vibhatsa
depression - self pity

Gratis yogalessen

The Yoga of Nine Emotions, by Peter Marchand, based on the teachings of Harish Johari
Read more in the book :
"The Yoga of the Nine Emotions"



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